INTOS is a dynamic company, built from innovative and creative young professionals, specializing in building, developing and designing Websites, promoting businesses online and optimizing search results - SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Offering years of experience in graphic design, building internet marketing and social media campaigns, Intos has the solution for the anticipated results you look for from your activity online.

We get up to date with the latest worldwide trending solutions for the promotion and improvement of our clients' appearance online.

We understand the importance of analyzing the targeted audience and the trendy commodity which the end user is looking for; the mobility of the internet.

We have branches and partnerships in 4 countries: USA, Belgium, Israel and Romania offering worldwide online services in major demographic population centers.

Our goals are achieved by thoroughly understanding our customers' needs, providing quality service through quality management process with emphasis on product quality for a fair price and close monitoring of our customers' satisfaction.

Let us handle your brand management and online appearance - you can focus on other aspects of your business!!

INTOS seeks to become a market leader within the internet solutions and online services firms.

We are committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity by serving each and every customer individually - emphasizing customer

orientation and customer relations processes, equally distributing affordable services for small, medium and large entities.

Our mission at INTOS is to focus on increasing our clients' awareness of their online presence efficiency, educate business owners how to make a cost efficient online marketing campaign, providing affordable, accessible and streamlined internet services.

We will always customize and personalize our services based on the clients' needs through integration of new technologies, worldwide trends and quality control process.

We broaden our competitive advantage by targeting the firms/individuals who are lacking efficient online presence and by assisting to generate leads and managing the process of converting those leads into prospects and future accounts.

At INTOS we believe that by treating and acting as partners with our clients ease the procedures at planning and execution level.

We will monitor its success by striving to achieve high customer satisfaction and excellence in customer relations.

  • mobile


    Do you have an innovative idea for a mobile app? Any start-up you thought about that can lead you to success? INTOS provides mobile apps professional development, designing and implementing clients’ demands, considering the user friendly environment found in mobile applications worldwide trend. The mobile interface design assists the user to easily navigate through the content and the message you would like to transmit, using user interface and user experience (UI and UX) principles.

    Many smartphones and mobile devices provide web browsing, GPS, cameras and video capabilities, which are used to generate traffic and reach users at any given time.

    Ask our specialists for some more information about native and web based mobile apps...

  • social


    Who would have known a few years back how popular social media websites would actually become? Social media platforms became part of many people’s lives. millions are using them daily and our job is to penetrate with your brand to those sites and have them be aware of your business.

    Social media helps bring people together. Social media networks are successful for several years and are here to stay for a long while. The social networks are being embraced by the largest corporates worldwide, as part of their marketing strategies, in order to generate their clients community.

    You should cultivate new business through social networking sites where members share stories and recommend products and services.

    Intos structures strategic social media campaigns from building the community and reaching out users, engage them with your products/ services and ideas and then using marketing tools to leverage communities to generate strong traffic referral source for your website.

    Consult with us free of charge...

  • web


    Do you have a new brand you would like to image online? are you satisfied from your current website? want to upgrade it with a high end rewarding website? Mobile websites are a trend these days - want to have your clients visit you at any given time - ask us for our responsive layout interface “Fit to Frame” websites. INTOS got the answer for you...

    There are countless sites on any field of interest and your online presence has to be attractive and interesting visually. It must contain content driven pages and user friendly interface.

    We develop/build and design your website / upgrade your existing site in 3 main core elements: usability, search engine visibility and aesthetic design in this order. The key factors are conversion of leads and clients oriented design.

    Many existed websites in the local market are lacking some major principles of WEB 2.0 developing system. The main one is - CONTENT IS KING! Our specialists will create the content for you after listening to what you would like to pass along - embed your audience most searched keywords in your text and eventually test and analyze what needed to be changed. Discrete Professionalism is advised!

  • analytics

    internet marketing

    At INTOS we will tailor a package for your needs to maximize the efficiency of your online presence.

    Internet marketing at INTOS aims at: - Creating new leads by generating traffic to your website, assisting you to convert those leads to prospects and future accounts; - Converting more of the traffic that you attract to drive revenue. - Enhancing the value of your brand. - Understanding how services online can tailor brands/products to be relevant and integrated in what your audience like to do, their desires demands and needs.

    INTOS offers an extensive service of graphic Design in addition to Web design: business cards, flyers, electric sign banners, Facebook apps, logo design and much more!

  • seo

    Your website is not generating traffic? You got no other solutions? Let us monitor it...

    SEO (search engine optimization) generates more and better quality traffic to your website. Every business with a website has the potential to be found by more users online.

    We provide both SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) solutions to achieve top rankings on major search engines.

    From initial to keyword research and competitor analysis to sitemap and RSS. Indexing and submitting to directories in the field and submitting social bookmarks are just a few of the actions we take for a complete SEO process.

    Principles of SEO at INTOS:
    - Client oriented approach in each SEO, SEM process
    - Frequent reporting with required formats and information
    - Smooth communication timing.

    Relevant and quality traffic is what you need!

  • e-commerce

    & m-commerce

    There are many benefits from operating an online store... you just name it! no rent and electricity bills, you don’t need to hire people in shifts anymore, schedule or dead periods. If you have a good product that you think people will look for.... E-business is the solution for you! Any type of online shop must have the easiest interface for interactivity with the potential client (user). We build Online stores using the most advanced content management systems for ECommerce to ensure your E-business will function. We implement different internet marketing techniques to reach a higher conversion rate and prove you that business can be made in front of the computer.

    Your clients are looking relentlessly for new things on your E-store and compare it to others. Intos helps you to compete with your rivals by emphasizing your advantages in front of the others.
    - We understand that E-commerce transcends “products”; You can sell goods and services
    - We embrace the shift; converting your users to become your clients
    - Retain the bargain hunter, but avoid the cheapskate; we evaluate and determine your most wanted pricing
    - You got to get SOCIAL!
    - Go MOBILE!!! M-commerce is the next trend.

    Intos got the solutions for you - ask our specialists how can we convert your users on mobile apps and websites...

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